How can you spend time with loved ones in a fun and useful way, how to entertain friends on the road and test their wit? Look at “IQ Puzzle • Twins”, are you sure you can assemble our puzzle?


You can take “IQ Puzzle • Twins” on a family trip or arrange a friendly chat at a party. At first glance, it seems easy to assemble such a puzzle. The second and third will prove you wrong. You will feel the inside of the skull begin to boil from the intense stirring of your mind and feel the sweet feeling of victory when you connect all the details together.


Do you think such toys take up a lot of space? Not at all. Like the rest of our puzzles, we made Gemini weightless and packed it into a compact practical packaging.


  • Task: arrange the “TWINS”

    Number of parts: 8 pieces.

    Size: the box can fit into the breast pocket