IQ PUZZLE • Egyptian Pyramids

IQ PUZZLE • Egyptian Pyramids


“IQ Puzzle • Egyptian Pyramidsare exactly the same as the original pyramids in Egypt! We have kept their outline and the complexity of the passage. This puzzle contributes to the development of logic, imagination and the ability to analyze.


Collecting the "Egyptian pyramids", you will for a while become an adventurer: face a difficult puzzle and check your nerves. You will recognize all your strength when you become angry and will throw away the details of the puzzle. Then the time will come to test your attentiveness - did you notice where the fifth triangle flew off?

The “Egyptian pyramids” are difficult to collect, but you can do it. In the end, you will win!

  • Task: arrange the “EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS”

    Number of parts: 8 pieces

    Size: the box can fit into the breast pocket