​​​​​​​IQ PUZZLE • Rectangle

​​​​​​​IQ PUZZLE • Rectangle


A simple figure, only 4 parts. If you have already collected “IQ PUZZLE”, then you know that this combination will lead you to a long reflection!


At first, the task of assembling a "Rectangle" of 4 parts does not seem complicated. For your brain, everything looks comfortable. The figure has 4 corners, and the puzzle has 4 pieces. "Everything's fine, boss, I'll manage it quickly," the brain reports.


Then the fun begins! The brain discovers that the figures have 3 and 5 sides. They also differ in size! How to put them in a simple Rectangle? That's right, 4 pieces are of different sizes and with an odd number of sides. It is from them that you will get a Rectangle. How? You will know this if you try to collect the “IQ Puzzle • Rectangle”.


  • Task: arrange the “Rectangle” out of 4 pieces.

    Number of parts: 4 pieces
    Size: the box can fit into the breast pocket