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3D Wooden CubeA challenge for those looking for an interesting path, not an easy one.The Cube is one of the hardest puzzles. You are looking at a fascinating three-dimensional wooden puzzle consisting of 6 pieces that come together in a cube. It sounds simple, but in fact, you will need to break a sweat, and perhaps spend quite some time looking for the right solution. Also, make sure you have your wits and dimensional thinking at hand. There is one thing we are certain about, though. When you complete the puzzle, the result will be worth all your efforts since you will be flooded with loads of unforgettable emotions. So, are you ready to take a risk?

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    3D Cube
    Hard level. Just for genius!

    Task: Make the cube 3x3 out of 6 pieces.
    Packing size: 8,6x5x5 cm 
    Product size: 4,5*4,5*4,5 cm

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