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IQ PUZZLE • Egyptian Pyramids

IQ PUZZLE • Egyptian Pyramids


"IQ PUZZLE - Egyptian Pyramids" are exactly like the original ones found in Egypt! We have kept their outlines and complexity. 


This puzzle helps you improve your logic, imagination, and analytical skills. 


While assembling "Egyptian Pyramids", you will become an adventurer for a while: you will face a tough puzzle and test your patience. You'll see how strong you really are as you get mad and start throwing the puzzle pieces around. Then comes the time to test your attentiveness - did you notice where the fifth triangle had flown off to?


The “Egyptian Pyramids” are hard to assemble but it's possible. The sweet victory awaits you at the end of the journey!

  • Task:

    Put 8 pieces together to make up a "Egyptian Pyramids"

  • Size:

     the box fits into a breast pocket

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