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IQ PUZZLE • Letter  A

IQ PUZZLE • Letter A


Number of pieces: 5 pieces

Task: put 5 pieces together to make up a "Letter A"

Size: the box fits into a breast pocket


The "IQ PUZZLE Letter A" is an easy one. If you are new to brain fitness, we recommend starting with "The Letter A".


The puzzle makes a great gift for a kid or an adult. If you are willing to sharpen your wits while having fun, the "Letter A" is the best way to do it. 


We also recommend giving this puzzle as a souvenir to your international friends. It’s a letter that everyone understands and completing it is a great way to have a good time while travelling or on your way home.

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    Arrange the “Letter A” out of 5 pieces.

    9x6x1,5 cm 
    The box fits into a breast pocket

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