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​​​​​​​IQ PUZZLE • Rectangle

​​​​​​​IQ PUZZLE • Rectangle


A simple figure, just 4 pieces. If you've ever solved an "IQ PUZZLE" before, you know it’s bound to make you think a lot! 


At first, it doesn’t seem hard to assemble a "Rectangle” out of 4 pieces. Everything looks nice and convenient to your brain. The figure has 4 corners and there are 4 pieces in the box. "All good, boss, I can do that in no time," the brain reports.


Then comes the fun part! Your brain discovers that the pieces have 3 and 5 sides. They are also very different in size! How do you put them into a simple Rectangle?


That's right, the 4 pieces have different sizes and an odd number of sides. They are the ones that make a Rectangle. How? You'll find out if you give the "IQ PUZZLE - Rectangle” a try!

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    Put 4 pieces together to make up a "Rectangle"

    9x6x1,5 cm 
    The box fits into a breast pocket

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